Check out this hilarious app… @mustachebashapp. You can put mustaches on your pictures & share them with friends.

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With so many new apps showing up in Apple’s App Store every day, you might think that good design, robust features, and a pleasant overall user experience were easy to find. Unfortunately, they’re not, but that’s what makes a new arrival called Mustache Bash so special.

Mustache Bash is as entertaining and good looking as it is easy to use.

The first release from Bright Newt Apps, Mustache Bash makes funny pictures fast. The app gives users the option of choosing a picture from the device’s camera roll or taking a new one. Once you have your “canvas,” you can open a mustache gallery with one tap and choose from a variety of mustaches and beards named after the people who made them famous.

You’ll find everything from the standard Tom (Tom Selleck) to the curly Rollie (Rollie Fingers) to the Kahn, an homage to the whiskers of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Kahn. A bunch of in-app purchase packs add even more realistic and ridiculous facial accessories to the mix, including a solid gold monstrosity aptly named the “Midas.”

Speaking of in-app purchases, the “Tennessee pack” shows off the facial hair of some of the creator’s friends. “I couldn’t grow a mustache to save my life,” said Austin Church, owner of Bright Newt and the man behind Mustache Bash. “And I figured that if I was going to the trouble of creating this fun novelty app, then I should at least give people around the world a chance to wear my friends’ facial hair. Now you don’t have to be a werewolf to look like one. No offense, guys.”

Once you’re finished “stachebashing” your picture, you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, or email, or simply save it to your camera roll. The app’s branding is superb, it’s easy to use, and on those days that you need a laugh, you’re not going to do much better than a picture of a grandma with a mustache. For $1.99, Mustache Bash is a steal.

You can download the app here:

Praise for Mustache Bash

“Does my mustache look that bad in real life?”
~ Anonymous Celebrity

“What’s an iPhone?”
~ Grandma

“We’re so proud of you.”
~ Mom & Dad

“The only thing that could this app any better would be if it made venison jerky.”
~ Ron Swanson, Television Celebrity

“Se olvidó a incluir mi bigote.”
~ Frida Kahlo, Famous Artist

“Mustache Bash is brave and true. It took courage to create it, and men remember
courage longer than anything else in this sad, beautiful world.”
~ Ernest Hemingway, Literary Icon

“Let’s just say that if the app were a woman, it would be Margaret Thatcher.
I think you know what I mean.”
~ Austin Church, Creator of Mustache Bash

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